UCAR/NCAR Research Data Management Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday, March 19, 10:00am-noon, Foothills Laboratory, FL2 1022

Scientific progress is dependent on digital tools and digital data. Many of the most critical scientific questions in the geosciences can only be answered through sharing, integrating, and synthesizing digital data in new ways.

With strategic planning activities ongoing around the organization, and federal funding agencies instituting new data management requirements for grant recipients (see the Feb. 22, 2013, White House directive on Expanding Public Access to the Results of Federally Funded Research, this is an opportune time to evaluate how UCAR/NCAR’s approach to research data management is, or is not, meeting scientific needs.

This town hall meeting brings together scientists, software engineers, data managers, and system administrators from across UCAR and NCAR to discuss research data management challenges and opportunities. What do UCAR/NCAR divisions need with regard to research data management? What are the big opportunities and priorities that will transform our ability to manage, access, and preserve research data now and into the future?

The town hall sessions, “Data Diversity” and “Big Data”, will lead off with a number of short talks. Each session will then center on open discussion with the audience.

This meeting will feed into the NCAR and ITC strategic planning processes by identifying priorities for next generation data systems/services.

You can view the agenda, speaker list and more information via the NCAR Library website.


About NCAR Library

The NCAR Library and Archives serve and support Atmospheric, Solar and Earth scientists and their research at NCAR and throughout the broader UCAR community. We are interested current trends around scientific data management, open access, scholarly communications, digital preservation and tracking the impact of our science through bibliometrics.
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