NCAR Remembers Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, visits Mesa Lab on August 3, 1990

British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, visits Mesa Lab on August 3, 1990

Margaret Thatcher’s visit to NCAR in 1990 was the first time a foreign head of government had visited NCAR and the Boulder area. It reflected the prime minister’s increasing interest in the greenhouse effect, environmental issues, and global warming.  Detailed descriptions of her visit and schedule that day are documented in NCAR’s internal Staff Notes hosted by the Archives. That same year, the Prime Minister presented her thoughts in a speech at the 2nd World Climate Conference.  In this speech she linked the impact of climate change on economic growth and standard of living throughout the world. Educated in Chemistry at Oxford University, Margaret Thatcher was one of the first world leaders to “sound the alarm” on global warming and yet later in her life she expressed some skepticism in her original thoughts. Please feel free to share your remembrance of that special event with our community.


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